Your experts in dust free floor preparation, shot blasting & diamond grinding

100% dust free shot blasting costs a lot less than you think

Your experts in dust free floor preparation, shot blasting & diamond grinding

Concrete Shot Blasting leaders in Dust-free Floor Prep, Shot Blasting & Diamond Grinding. If you have an industrial concrete floor in need of cleaning or preparing, we are here to help. From car parks to warehouse floors and factories, we provide a fast, competitive and nationwide service with customer satisfaction at the center of all we do.

At Concrete Shot Blasting, we use the latest technology, we carry our power supply and lighting systems. We use the latest in compact, dust-free and low noise captive shot blasting technology for preparing and cleaning concrete floors. We will blast off dirt, coatings and lines leaving your concrete floor clean and ready for any new surface coatings. No floor is too big or too small – indoor or outdoor.

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Preparing new and existing car park surfaces. Concrete shot blasting.


Captive shot blasting to cost effectively remove existing failed coatings from large warehouse floors.


Captive shot blasting combined with diamond hand grinding is an ideal solution to preparing factory floors.


Preparing large areas very quickly – vitally important with weather dependant operations such as re-waterproofing.

Take the hard work out of flooring

  • 100% dust free shotblasting11
  • Fast turnaround
  • Up to 350 sq. M per hour
  • Quick clean efficient
  • Cost effective
  • Nationwide service
  • 24 hours a day – 7 days a week
  • Dependable reliable
  • Rates as low as €1 per meter sq.

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